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central australia

in january 2023 i went on a road trip up to the northern territory of australia, and took these photos on the way. i stopped in warrnambool, adelaide, coober pedy, alice springs, uluru, and kings canyon. i enjoyed it a lot, the beautiful, diverse landscapes are something everyone should see at least once. although i wouldn't recommend it to anyone who doesn't like hot weather; it approached 47 degrees celsius at times.

a lizard looking menacingly at the camera in the town of marla, south australia
a cool bird on a rock in kings canyon
the inside of crocodile harry's dugout near coober pedy
a wild horse seen on the side of the stuart highway
an old, dusty camera on a shelf in crocodile harry's dugout
a path through the bush towards uluru
uluru from afar
two emus near a rest stop on the stuart highway
a cairn overlooking a dry lakebed
a camel looking at the camera, in a camel farm near kings canyon
a rusted water tank to the side of the stuart highway, with a spray-painted advertisement for the town of tarcoola, which is long abandoned
a sign erected by the australian department of defense, marking the border of the woomera prohibited area