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from september to october 2017, i went on a holiday to macedonia and montenegro. it is a very mountainous region, something i wasn't used to living in melbourne my whole life.

macedonia is dotted with beautiful monasteries, like the beautiful st. naum monastery on lake ohrid. it has a blend of traditional red-roofed macedonian houses and large brutalist concrete apartment blocks, which gives it a unique look.

herceg novi in montenegro is a tiny, charming city built on the side of a hill in the bay of kotor. placed throughout the city are a few old fortresses, like fort spanjola. i saw a naked old man sunbathing in the ruins of a fortress by the beach.

the village kumbor across the bay of kotor
church spire in st. naum monastery
a yellow house overlooking the bay of kotor
skopje from vodno
mountains near skopje surrounded by clouds
a peacock sitting on the grass in st. naum monastery
a small jetty on lake ohrid
mountains near skopje, as seen from vodno
sunrays over mountains near skopje
cool dog seen in matka
ruins of an old fortress on the beach in herceg novi
ramparts of fort spanjola