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nolan fps

nolan fps (previously mitch nolan simulator 32) is a highly customisable arena first-person shooter. there are currently 3 gamemodes; deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture the flag, and 3 experimental, somewhat unfinished gamemodes; juggernaut, octogame, (a squid game-like obstacle course), and horror (a mode in which you have to outrun an ai monster.)

the game uses steam's multiplayer service. you can make a lobby with up to 16 players and invite friends from your steam friends list, or make the lobby public so that anyone can join via the game's server browser.

nolan fps is also the most popular of all the games i've made. i played it with some of my friends, and it was genuinely pretty fun. (when bugs or lag didn't ruin it)

there are 5 maps, arena, compound, skyscraper, pipes, and towers. compound and skyscraper are the best maps in my opinion, and arena is by far the worst map in everyone's opinion. any map can be played with any gamemode; for example, if you select capture the flag, 2 flags will be spawned in pre-set parts of the map, and players will be sorted into one of two teams upon joining.

you can choose from 6 weapons: the smg, sniper rifle, shotgun, rocket launcher, grenade launcher, and translocator (a weapon which swaps the positions of the user and the target. the intention was to get players to put themselves into bad positions, like to intentionally fall of a cliff, and then to use the translocator on someone so that they would fall off the cliff instead.)

the game has a developer texture sort of aesthetic, which i think works well given my lack of any artistic talent.