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mitch nolan brawl

mitch nolan brawl is a 3d fighting game featuring my friends as the playable characters. it was inspired by tekken 7.

the game used steam's multiplayer service; each match could have up to 4 people in a free-for-all format. the last fighter standing would be the winner.

i made the characters by taking a picture of my friends' faces, then putting them on a base mesh, and modelling clothes over them.

each of the characters has abilities based on their real-life counterpart; for example, one of my friends was really into weightlifting, so his character had the ability to throw massive weight plates at his opponents.

i put a lot of effort into the ui of this game; i based it somewhat on tekken's ui. it doesn't look as good, but i'm quite proud of it, as it's definitely the best ui i've made.

i initially gave every character the ability to heal themselves, but after playtesting, we found that it would make the matches extremely long and drawn out, so i ended up removing the ability.

some characters have the ability to do a strong kick which sends the opponent flying; this is probably the most fun thing in the game.