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mitch nolan simulator 31

a screenshot of mitch nolan simulator 31. the player is in the corner of a test chamber.

mitch nolan simulator 31 is a platformer in which you have to rocket jump to reach the end of the stage.

there are 3 chambers in which to test your rocket jumping ability. nothing happens once you reach the end, but you can feel proud of yourself if you want. the design of the chambers was inspired by the game portal (2007).

the thing i put most effort into were the explosion effects. the "rockets" (untextured balls) explode with a bright flash, shaking your whole screen. they leave a black burn mark wherever they hit.

the music in the main menu is a kyrgyz song that was heard playing on the radio in xinjiang. if you find any info regarding this song, please contact me. you can listen to the song below.