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adam hallam memorial office simulator

a screenshot of adam hallam memorial office simulator. the player is standing in a hallway.

adam hallam memorial office simulator is a walking simulator in which you walk around a procedurally generated office. there are a few objects you can interact with. a sequel to this game is planned.

the name is a reference to my friend adam hallam; he isn't dead or anything, i just thought it was a funny title.

all the paintings in this game are taken from wikimedia.

i made this game over the course of a few weeks to understand the concepts behind procedural generation. the office generator i created grabs a room from a list of premade rooms, scatters furniture around, and then cuts a doorhole in some of the walls to allow access to other areas of the office. this system works, but it has drawbacks. for example, the office can look repetitive due to the pre-made rooms. also, every room is square, and the office is based on a grid, which can also be somewhat boring. i somewhat circumvented this by allowing the generator to remove walls too, so that more irregularly shaped rooms can be created.

in the sequel, i want to rewrite the office generator to instead place rooms where there are doorways. this way would allow for any shape or size of room, and would prevent the office from feeling too monotonous. although, isn't that the point of an office?

the game is locked to 400x800 resolution, to mask how shitty the game looks.