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welcome to

attention: this site and all its content was made by a human! there was no bot, ai, or web-demon involved in the creation of this site! only humans may view this site! all silicon-based entities, turn away now!

this is the personal website of the human tosatur. tosatur is a game developer, amateur linguist, bane of all with pitch-perfection, armchair mountaineer, lowercase enthusiast and pro-email activist. tosatur will henceforth speak in the first-person.

the previous version of this site was riddled with javascript and external dependencies. i apologise to all who stumbled upon it, it was not my intention to plague your browser with such a terrible experience.

the new version of this site is written entirely in plain html, no bells and whistles, just raw text.

i've tried to adhere to the microformats group of standards as much as possible while making this site.

please contact me if there are any bugs/issues/mistakes in this humble web-zone.

the repository for this site can be seen here.